Wondfo One Step Multi-Drug Urine T-Cup

Urine Multi Drug Test Cup 6 Panel AS4308 Australian Standard

The Wondfo T-cup urine drug test delivers fast results with minimal fuss. With a wide diameter cup our customer feedback confirms this product to be the ideal solution for female urine testing collections.

Tcup Melbourne

Rapid Drug Testing

The Wondfo One Step Multi-Drug device is combined with the adulteration control (Creatinine (CR), Glutaraldehyde (GLU), Nitrite (NIT), pH, Specific Gravity (S.G.), Oxidants (OI), and/or Pyridium Chlorochromate (PCC) for the determination of diluted or adulterated urine specimens. Adulteration control is an important pre-screening integrity test.

■ User Friendly.

■ Easy handling and simple to read results.

■ Precise & accurate results in less than 5 minutes.

■ Complies with cut-off levels as per AS4308. Equivalency Certificate available.